How to unblock torrent site which are blocked in some countries like India, U.K.

Indian Authorities have recently told to block all the Torrent sites in India and most of the ISP’s have blocked the sites as per the court issues.So here I’ll tell you some simple methods by which you can access any torrent site even if it is blocked.
“Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders.” People who are addicted to file downloads must now be familiar with this message that blocks them from accessing the top torrents and a few video sharing websites. Following a Madras High Court order, ISPs such as Airtel, Reliance Communications, Tikona and others have blocked access to some of the top torrents and video sharing sites. Among the ones, you might have difficulty accessing include,,, ThePirateBay, BitSnoop,, Isohunt, Vimeo, DailyMotion and several others. 
I also came across the same problem and got a great solution to it. Service provider didnt block the ip address of the site so using the IP address of of particular site we can get full access to block site.
Here are some IP address which you can use,
Torrents sites:                                 –                                                          –                                                         –                                                       –        

You can also change the DNS provided by your ISP to Open DNS or Google DNS. Switching to one of these can surely help you bypass the block.
Below is the free DNS provided by Google,
IPv4    DNS Servers  :
IPv6    DNS Servers    :      2001:4860:4860::8888
Use HTTPS instead of HTTP : 
As ISP’s have only blocked HTTP web version of websites, you can directly access all torrent websites using HTTPS instead of HTTP.
for e.g.
Comment if u want any site ip address or any other help.
So, we encourage using the a fore-mentioned means only for content that is free from copyright. Till then, Enjoy surfing!